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Indian fans sing and dance at the stadium during the 2nd India-Ireland T20I

Saksham Mishra

It seems like the Indian fans in Ireland are having a great time while watching the T20I series between the two teams.

The fact of the matter is that Ireland is a cricket loving country. Not only the nationals value the sport very much, the diaspora is also very receptive of the game and follows it with a lot of passion.

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When Ireland recently got their test membership, it was a day of joy for the entire nation as Ireland played against Pakistan in the inaugural test match. Although the team lost the match, it was not a bad start as the players gave Pakistan a tough fight and promised of a brighter future.

Ireland also has a large diaspora of Southeast Asians which includes Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and different nationalities. There are several people who belong to South India as well. The mallu community also resides there in huge numbers.

While India were batting in the 1st T20I, the mallu fans seemed to be enjoying themselves with indigenous song and dance. Their recreation was directed towards a female security guard who was facing the crowd.

In the videos that have come out, it seems like both the security guard and the Mallu community are having lot of fun. It is obvious that the lady is not understanding even a word of what is being sung but the grace with which she is responding says a lot about her graciousness.

Recently Indian commentators Ajay Jadeja also said that the Irish people were very hospitable and warm just like the Indians. This quality of the people of Ireland is certainly visible in this video. Videos and images like these are always a treat to watch as they tell what cricket stands for. And in all certainty, it stands for a lot more than just a game.

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Saksham Mishra

Saksham Mishra

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