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“For a second I thought it was Khabib” – MMA Twitter reacts to crazy UFC fan who got shoved after trying to rush the cage at UFC 274

Swapnil Rajwade

Crazy UFC fan went flying

MMA fans on Twitter poked fun at the expense of a crazy UFC fan who got shoved after trying to rush the cage at UFC 274.

During the UFC 274 event a crazy UFC fan girl tried to rush into the octagon but went flying as she got shoved by the security guard. The girl got all this filmed into a phone by other fans as she tried to rush towards the octagon. As crazy as the fights were at UFC 274, this took everyone’s attention.

The crazy young girl jumped the railing and just ran towards the octagon. The security however just reacted to the girl storming into the octagon by pushing her. The girl went flying and the fans recording all this had a reaction to give.

MMA Twitter reacts to crazy UFC fan who got shoved after trying to rush the cage at UFC 274

Sports fans around the world are crazy at times and certainly UFC fans are. The live event brings a different kind of energy which is also supported by a couple of beers which makes crazy even more crazy. We have also seen some past experiences with the fan in all the sports.

Be it someone running down a soccer field or a fan rushing on a stage to meet Khabib and so on. While these fans are crazy about the sport and the athletes, the security is there for a reason.

The security at UFC 274 did the job as was expected. The girl however did not seem to get hurt as she came back walking towards her seat. Supposedly the girl was swiftly dealt with and was escorted from the arena immediately.

UFC 274 results

UFC 274 fight card was a crazy card in itself. Surrounded with the weight controversy around the main event.

Charles Olivera defeated Justin Gaethi in the main event via submission but didn’t win the belt as he failed to make weight by 0.5 pounds.

Rose Namajunas and Carla Esparza was a fight which had no action at all and Carla won via split decision.

A front kick knock out by Chandler to Tony was as crazy as anything.

UFC 274 definietly delivered as expected except the co main event.

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Swapnil Rajwade

Swapnil Rajwade

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