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“I don’t care much” – Kimi Raikkonen reflects on how he wants to be remembered by the fans

Janmeyjay Shukla

"I don't care much" - Kimi Raikkonen reflects on how he wants to be remembered by the fans

Kimi Raikkonen expresses his sincere love for Formula One fans and talks about how he wants to be remembered.

Kimi Raikkonen has had one of the most interesting Formula One careers. In 2001, he had only 23 races under his belt when and had the F1 super license.

The Sauber driver did impress in his first season with nine points helping the team finish fourth in the constructor’s championship.

After impressing Ron Dennis, the Iceman joined McLaren where he would compete for the driver’s championship. However, due to reliability issues, he could never defeat Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso for the championship.

He joined Ferrari replacing the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. He won the world championship and continued with the team for the next two years competing at the top level.

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The 2007 World Champion would experiment with NASCAR and World Rally Championship after taking a break from F1. However, he would eventually return to drive for Lotus, Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo.

Kimi Raikkonen explains how he wants F1 fans to remember him

Kimi Raikkonen had come full circle with Alfa Romeo. Joining them as a 21-year-old inexperienced driver to leaving the team on high legendary status.

He is indeed one of the most beloved drivers in Formula One history. During the Beyond the Grid podcast, he was asked how does he want to be remembered by F1 fans around the world.

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Replying to the answer in the most Kimi fashion, he expressed that he does not want to put limits on his remembrance. He added: I mean, I don’t care much because I have luckily been able to do most of the things how I wished to do. And whatever they remember, good way or bad way, it’s a memory and it’s fine for me.”

When asked why people love him, the Iceman had the most straightforward reply. He stated: “I don’t know, maybe because I have always been myself. You have got to ask the fans to come here and spend lovely 45 mins with you to answer that.”

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