“It’s more than a bit disappointing”: Bruno Fernandes Rues Manchester United’s Defensive Errors After Everton Draw

Gautam Kapoor
|Published 07/02/2021

The side had to settle for a draw after conceding a late third goal

Oncourse to record a win against Everton on Saturday, Manchester United ended up losing out on two points. The side was hit with a Dominic Calvert-Lewin leveller in the 90+5th minute, a goal which saw the showdown between the two clubs end 3-3.

And the club had only itself to beat for its inability to seal a win on the day. Shoddy and botched defending saw Harry Maguire play the Everton man onside ensuing which the Everton top striker made no mistake in finding the net.

Bruno Talks About The Draw

Talking about his side’s inability to address the elephant in the room, Bruno Fernandes was blatant in his angst at the side’s persistent defensive mistakes. The side’s top scorer who scored the team’s second goal against Everton talked about how the team needed to get the monkey off its back.

“There are a lot of things to be disappointed with. We were making so many mistakes in the last few games and we can’t keep conceding goals like that,” Bruno Fernandes said.

“We have to be more focused, we have to have the same desire to score and to defend our goal. Every time we have to make goals and score goals, it has to be the same to not concede and I think we have to learn from this.

“It’s already happened a lot of times so it’s more than a bit disappointing. You talk about everything that’s going on, but it’s about learning and making it better.

“It’s really bad. You can’t concede goals like that because from a full 50 yards they are a long way from our goal. We have to be more focused, we have to be ready and we have to be more stronger. We have to defend our goal with everything.”

“Everyone knows the past is the past and you can do nothing, but the future you can do something about.

“So everybody has to be ready and learn from this game. Everything we learn from this game we have to put in the next one and try to win. We have to win.”

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