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Jurgen Klopp branded disgrace by Accrington Stanley for his decision to field youth team in FA Cup

Tanish Chachra

Jurgen Klopp branded disgrace by Accrington Stanley for his decision to field youth team in FA Cup

Jurgen Klopp branded as a disgrace and embarrassing by Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt over Liverpool’s decision for replay fixture.

Liverpool playing a draw against Shrewsbury Town last night ended up Liverpool scheduling a return fixture in their football calendar this season. But Klopp has already said that he and senior team will not be available for the replay match against the League One side.

During his post-match press conference, Jurgen Klopp revealed Liverpool, along with other top-flight clubs, received a letter asking them not to agree on friendlies and schedule any rearranged fixtures during their allotted break.

Having already told their senior players that they will have a week off amidst the English winter break, under-23s boss  Neil Critchley will be taking charge of a group of youngsters as they bid to reach the fifth round of the FA Cup.

Thus, this decision of Klopp has led up to massive criticizing statements by Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt, as he took onto the social media to call Klopp a ‘disgrace.

“He’s a disgrace. I’ll never understand why top clubs and top  @premierleague players don’t stand up and stay united with clubs and players further down the pyramid.

“This is pure selfishness of the highest degree. I’d drag myself out of bed to play the replay. Because it’s the right thing to do.

“I wouldn’t give a sh** how tired I was. I’d do the right thing. I’d give a bit back instead of being a grasping, selfish type. We spoke about the  @EmiratesFACup and how top  @premierleague would rather be playing exhibition matches in China building their profits and brands.

“That’s why  @FA were considering significantly increasing the first prizes far more than the earlier rounds proportionately. We have only just given up 5th round replays…. They’re back for 4th round replays… They join in the 3rd.

“Jurgen  @LFC, you’re embarrassing yourself. Your tarnishing your reputation. Rethink where you go from here. You’re killing  @EmiratesFACup. There’s calls to kill  @Carabao_Cup. You’re killing us.”

With this, Holt has received huge support from the fans of lower-division clubs, who asserted that league one and league two teams get fined if they play youth teams in the EFL Trophy against Premier League u21 teams.

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