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Kevin Durant Denies Troll Page’s Tweet, Claims He’s ‘Way Too Playa’ for ‘Reasons Why He’s Single’ List

Advait Jajodia

Kevin Durant Denies Troll Page’s Tweet, Claims He's ‘Way Too Playa’ for ‘Reasons Why He’s Single’ List

Kevin Durant hasn’t made any headlines recently about dating someone publicly. While fans often assume that Durant might be actively trying to find love, that’s actually not the case. During a recent podcast appearance, the Phoenix Suns superstar revealed that he is willingly not in a relationship. He further spoke about the truth of the famous “reasons why I’m single” list that went viral a few months ago.

Promoting his latest partnership with Prime Hydration, Kevin Durant appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. At one point in the 45-minute episode, co-host Mike Majlak brought up a viral tweet from earlier this year, the “reasons why I’m single” list. Majlak believed that the tweet was actually made by KD himself and wanted to unpack the emotions behind it.

Before the conversation could go any further, the Slim Reaper instantly clarified that the graphic was a fake and was created by a parody account. Additionally, KD also stated that he was “way too playa” to note down such a list.

“You think I really wrote that down? That was a fake account. I’m way too playa to write some sh*t down like that,” Durant told the Impaulsive crew.

As this clip made rounds on social media, the page responsible for the fake graphic – TheNBACentel – celebrated the fact that they were successful in fooling a few individuals.

After bursting every panel member’s bubble, KD addressed a crucial question – “why are you single?” KD made it crystal clear that he was single by choice.

“I don’t want a girlfriend… I wouldn’t say I had my heart broken. I started to understand women a little bit more, as I well, early on I understood that like she’s not mine. Even if she may be my girlfriend, she might be influenced by other people,” Durant said.

Seems like Durant has had a few not-so-good experiences from his previous relationships. Hence, all the rumors suggesting he’s dating Rhyne Howard or Brittney Griner go out of the window.

The most interesting thing in the conversation was streamer IShowSpeed trying to find out whether Durant has been hurt in love. But KD maintained that he hasn’t been hurt in love, he’s just not interested in a relationship anymore.

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