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Marvel’s Avengers will Reportedly No Longer have Support Post 2023

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Marvel's Avengers will Reportedly No Longer have Support Post 2023

Marvel’s Avengers video game will no longer have post-game support or content as the studio is planning to ‘sunset’ the game.

Marvel’s Avengers received a very mediocre response when it was released. However, the hype was there for the game. Crystal Dynamics could not build on it due to graphical problems, bugs, and a lack of post-game content.

By the time they fixed those problems, the hype had died down, and the fans had migrated to other games. Due to this reason, the devs at Crystal Dynamics are no longer planning to provide content for the game after 2023. Let us break down this news.

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Marvel’s Avengers will Be Put to Rest in Terms of Support Post 2023

Square Enix did release DLC characters such as Kate Bishop, Spiderman (exclusive to the PlayStation), The Black Panther, Bucky Barnes, and Jane Foster Thor. However, all those characters received mixed responses.

Crystal Dynamics managed to create hype but could not maintain it consistently. However, there is slightly better news for Avengers fans. There are several characters yet to be released for the game.

The post-game support will last for a whole year, which is a long time. We can see characters like She-Hulk, Shuri, IronHeart, and Captain Marvel in the game in 2023. There is a chance that if these characters are received well, it could change the game’s landscape for good.

If the studio is willing to provide the fans with fan favorites like Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch, it will boost the game’s growth while also supporting the studio’s cash flow.

We shall see what Crystal Dynamics plans to do and their final decision. For now, we can expect to see at least two or three new characters in the game as it rides into the sunset. If the game reignites its fan base by a miracle, we might see a change in the game’s life cycle.

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