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“Maybe he’s a fan”: Pep Guardiola Unperturbed By Assistant Referee Asking For Erling Haaland’s Autograph

Gautam Kapoor

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola's mother aged 82 dies of Coronavirus

The incident could come under review with UEFA set to decide on the breach

Ensuing Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund’s quarter-final clash in the Champions League, visuals emerged which have become a major talking point since.

The incident in questions revolves around the German side’s striker, Erling Haaland and assistant referee on the night, Octavian Sovre. Sovre was seen asking Haaland to sign autograph’s in the tunnel, pictures which have not gone down well with ardent viewers of the league.

Many have questioned the linesman’s motive on the night and pointed fingers at him for indulging in brinkmanship ensuing the match. However, Manchester City managed Pep Guardiola refused to make a massive issue of the set of events with him saying the act was fine.

Linesman Asks Haaland For Autograph

“They told me, I didn’t see it, maybe he’s a fan,” Pep said.

“Why not? The referees were brilliant, the game was not a problem. Not a penalty, the VAR said that.

“And the leg is higher from Bellingham. So they were perfect and it was correct. Maybe it was for his son or daughter.

“It happens but they did a good job, that’s all. Nothing happened.”

However, the views weren’t shared by many with previous Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves slamming the linesman.

“They had a difficult first-half and they got a lot of things wrong.

“You can be a fan, but you can’t do that in front of the other players, it just doesn’t look right,” Owen said.

The referee and his team were put to the sword on the night for a string of questionable decisions. The most critical one involved Jude Bellingham and Ederson Moraes with the referee adjudging Bellingham to have fouled Ederson.

Despite replays showing Bellingham had cleanly won the ball and if anything had been subsequently fouled by the Manchester City shot stopper, technology failed to intervene and reserve the incorrect call. The horrid piece of defending costed Borussia Dortmund a crucial goal, one which could have seen the tie unfurl in a completely different manner.

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