Michael Hussey feels MS Dhoni will continue till WC 2019

Saksham Mishra
|Published 31/07/2018

Mr. Cricket and part of the Chennai Super Kings set up in the IPL, Michael Hussey feels MS Dhoni will continue till WC 2019.

Hussey sidelined the demands of Dhoni’s retirement, highlighting the fact that his failure in England was just an aberration.

“It’s just two innings, come on! We know how MS plays – he takes some time in the middle. He has got the power to catch up in the end. He plays according to the situation. I wouldn’t be reading too much into it.

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“He has been a great player for such a long time and his experience will play a crucial role in the upcoming World Cup, especially, his ‘keeping skills and his power at the end of the innings. You should never write off a champion player,” Mr. Cricket said.

When the 3rd ODI ended with India losing by a comprehensive margin, MS Dhoni asked the umpire for the ball. This has given way to rumours that MSD is contemplating retirement from International cricket.

However it did not seem true but one cannot ignore the rumours given that one can never predict what is going through Dhoni’s mind when.

When he decided to retire from Test cricket, no one knew about his decision until he let the cat out of the bag himself. All we can do as Indian fans is to keep our fingers crossed and hope that the legend at least plays on till the 2019 World Cup.


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