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Is F1 Driver Logan Sargeant Related to Former NASCAR Driver Dalton Sargeant?

Nilavro Ghosh

Is F1 driver Logan Sargeant related to former NASCAR driver Dalton Sargeant?

Two same last names in a similar sport never ceases to capture fans’ imagination. A recent one that has popped up in the world of motorsports involves Logan Sargeant and Dalton Sargeant. Logan is a Formula One racer, one of the few Americans ever to do it while Dalton is a former NASCAR Truck Series driver. Naturally, fans started asking if the two were related and turns, this time they are.

Dalton Sargeant is Logan’s older brother. The two grew up racing go-karts against each other and while one chose stock cars, the other went for open-wheel. Dalton’s record in NASCAR is not all that memorable. His best performance was a P3 finish in the Truck Series at Pocono with GMS Racing. He does have a win in the K&N Series West and four in the ARCA Menards Series.

Dalton took the more popular sport at the time as none of the kids they went to school with knew what Formula One was. “Honestly, until Netflix, they still didn’t get what it was,” Logan Sargeant had said to GQ in 2023. His brother’s career did not have many big moments in NASCAR and neither has his in the Formula Series.

Sargeant has never won any of the lower Formulas and has scored very few points in his time so far in F1 with Williams. Reports suggesting that 2024 will be his last season have surfaced already. If that’s the case, it will be quite a disappointment for the American motorsports athlete.

He could find racing options in the States as well. IndyCar seems to be the closest choice considering some former F1 drivers also made the jump to the premier American open wheel racing series. The Sargeant brothers have had a tough time of finding a lot of success but they’re both talented drivers. At the end of the day, if things do not work out for Logan, he might find opportunities elsewhere in other motorsports series.

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