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Jeff Burton Acquits “Vocal” Denny Hamlin for Undermining Michael McDowell: “You’re Talking About Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports”


“I Certainly Feel Good”: Denny Hamlin Heading Into the 2024 NASCAR Season in High Spirits

When Michael McDowell took the checkered flag ahead of Chase Elliott at IMS last Sunday, he ensured two things. McDowell was now going to the playoffs, and McDowell had proved Denny Hamlin very wrong. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver had claimed that Elliott would make it to the playoffs by winning on road courses, challenged McDowell to prove him wrong, and McDowell took the challenge.

Of course, we all know now how that challenge from Hamlin went. But the veteran then did an interesting thing. He invited McDowell on his podcast after his win, which, as per Jeff Burton, says volumes about Hamlin’s personality.

Jeff Burton praises Denny Hamlin for being a good sport

During a recent podcast appearance on NBC Sports, Burton was confronted with the subject of Hamlin being proven wrong by McDowell. The former NASCAR driver claimed he understands why Hamlin made such a comment to begin with.

He described, “You’re talking about Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports and it’s easy to look at a few races and say, ‘Michael McDowell and that team. They’re the best on road courses, they’ve earned the most points.’ But you also know how good Chase Elliott and Hendrick Motorsports can be. So I can understand why Denny would say that and I can also understand Michael being furious about it. If I’m Michael McDowell, I’m like, ‘No. We’re doing it.'”

Burton further gave props to Hamlin for being a cool sport to not only admit he was wrong about his take on Elliott-McDowell, but also that he invited the guy who proved him wrong to be a guest on his show.

“Denny doesn’t mind being vocal and when he is wrong he will say he’s wrong,” Burton said.

Burton claims having someone like Hamlin is ‘pretty cool’ for NASCAR

Jeff Burton explained why NASCAR fans are blessed with having a senior driver like Denny Hamlin be vocal and be outspoken about his opinions and what goes on in the sport. “It’s pretty cool that, number one, that we have a driver, a current driver that’s that vocal and willing to kind of peel the curtain back a little bit and give you a look behind the scene,” Burton said.

“And then on top of that, including drivers and being in discussions, that’s all good stuff as long as it’s done respectfully.”

The analyst claimed that the more NASCAR can showcase their drivers and personalities, the better they will be.

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