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NASCAR Review: Have Brad Keselowski and RFK Finally Turned the Page on NASCAR Form?

Gowtham Ramalingam

“Worst Racing to Watch”: Brad Keselowski Registers Strong Plea With NASCAR After Kansas Race

A clever investor would bet on RFK Racing stocks right now more than on any other Cup Series team. The team has been on a steady growth since the 2023 season with Brad Keselowski captaining the ship. Though victory lane visits are on the lower side, the potential is unquestionably building and it could all result in pure dominance over the coming weeks.

Talking about the exemplary speed that the team managed to pull out of the Ford Mustang Dark Horse in the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, Keselowski underlined how they had to turn the raw performance into wins from here on. His words to the press went, “It was good to be that fast. You want to make it count with wins. You don’t want to be a sore loser for second [place].”

“But it stinks because I know we had a car to win today. If that doesn’t hurt, you’re in the wrong business.” The 2012 Cup Series champion ended up second behind Christopher Bell in the rain-shortened Charlotte race. His teammate Chris Buescher came in 23rd. The duo has been displaying great speed throughout the season. But as he underlines, it won’t matter much if they can’t find wins more often.

Both have come frustratingly close to winning multiple events this year and fallen a step short. For Keselowski, this is the third runner-up finish this season. Little has to be said about the advantage that he would have right now had he turned those results into victories. On the positive side of things, he did break his 110-race winless streak in Darlington and is riding on huge momentum.

The misfortune that Chris Buescher needs to overcome before it’s too late

While Keselowski has managed to win at least one race thus far, Buescher has consistently been settling for a lower position. His closest finishes were in Kansas and Darlington. He fell 0.001 seconds short of Kyle Larson in Kansas and wrecked in Darlington from the lead in a very late stage. The bad luck followed him into Charlotte, where he wrecked his car in practice and was forced to use the backup.

As things stand, Keselowski sits in ninth place on the points table and Buescher, in 15th. Should they manage to find a way to execute the speed they have into wins, there will be no stopping their charge through the 2024 playoffs. 

Post Edited By:Srijan Mandal

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Gowtham Ramalingam

Gowtham Ramalingam

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