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NASCAR Workers: Do NASCAR Team Employees Get Weekdays Off?

Srijan Mandal

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Working with a NASCAR team is a dream for many people, but knowing that the races take place over the weekend, there’s quite some comfort to sacrifice. One of the things would be to let go of the chance to spend the weekends off. But when do these employees get some time off during the week? The Joe Gibbs Racing President, Dave Alpern answered this very question in a recent video.

Alpern stated, “A lot of that answer depends on your job. There are a lot of front office folks that work normal week hours and don’t go to the racetrack. Generally, people who go to the racetrack on the front office side might get a Friday off. If they go on Sunday, they might get a Thursday off. If they go on a Saturday if you are on the road crew and you are working on a car again sometimes you might have a Monday or a Tuesday off the following week.”

However, the case for key personnel like the car chief or crew chief and some other people isn’t as comfortable as the rest of the employees. These staff don’t get many offs during the season, and have to manage their time off during the off-season. And again as Alpern said, “We do have the shortest off-season for any pro sport.”

How is Joe Gibbs Racing doing in their 2024 NASCAR Cup Series campaign so far?

JGR has always been one of the forerunners in the competition and this year is no different. Things are looking great for the team with Denny Hamlin scoring two wins with just eight races in, currently sitting 3rd in the drivers’ standings. Meanwhile, his teammate Martin Truex Jr. hasn’t been able to secure a win yet but has five top 5s and two top 10s and sits second in the drivers standings.

Looking further, Christopher Bell has one win to his name and sits 11th in the points table and Ty Gibbs occupies 7th place with five top 10s and three top 5s. Meanwhile, this weekend the Cup Series heads down to Texas Motor Speedway and JGR hopes to rope in another win, giving themselves a lead over Hendrick Motorsports in the championship.

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