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“Ok. Deal”: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pledges to a Big Change for 50th Birthday


“Ok. Deal”: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pledges to a Big Change for 50th Birthday

Sep 15, 2023; Bristol, Tennessee, USA; NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. (88) and his daughter Nicole before the race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no big revelation that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is synonymous with the word ‘party’ in the NASCAR circles. Junior has been a big party freak for a bigger part of his life, and he was particularly notorious for it when he was younger. But now that he has his own family, now that he is 49 years old, Junior has also matured with regards to his party freak nature. So much so, that this year he’s going to take a big step.

Recently, Junior posted something that caught his eye on his X handle as he wrote, “I’m scrolling @CampingWorld and watching RV videos on YouTube all morning. Was thinking truck camper, but now 5th wheel bunk house for the kids. Some cool ones out there.”

This led to the CEO of Camping World, Marcus Lemonis, responding to Earnhardt’s post. “Hey @DaleJr , If you get one I’ll pick one lucky person to get their own RV… #RVLikeDaleJr,” Lemonis wrote.

And that finally led to Earnhardt making a big claim for his 50th birthday party. “Ok. Deal. I turn 50 this year and instead of a big party, I’ve decided to create some memories instead,” he wrote.

“Camping with the family is on that list.”


Could Dale Earnhardt Jr. be out of work by the time he turns 50?

Not long ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr. made a major revelation about the state of his contract with NBC Sports as a broadcaster. In fact, his contract with the network was “up last year.” 

But that isn’t to say that Earnhardt doesn’t like being with NBC. It’s quite the opposite. “My home and my love is at NBC, and I’d love to be back with them,” he emphasized as he added, “We’ll see where this goes.” 

Of course, all odds would suggest that Dale Earnhardt Jr. will swiftly remove his contract with NBC and be back in the booth for the second part of the NASCAR season in 2024.

But by any chance, if that thing doesn’t work out, there could be a big possibility that Earnhardt would have a little more time than before on his 50th birthday, which would be on October 10th, right as the Cup season heats up in its final stretch.

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