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Ryan Blaney’s “Desperation Moves” Comment Comes Back to Haunt NASCAR Champion After Catastrophe at NH

Gowtham Ramalingam

“They Were Really Upset”: Ryan Blaney Fully Behind NASCAR Cup Series Foray Into Iowa

The defending Cup Series champion Ryan Blaney went to New Hampshire this Sunday basking in the glory of his victory at Iowa the earlier weekend. He secured his playoff spot with that race and New Hampshire was an opportunity to solidify his contention for the championship further. Unfortunately, he fell prey to the usual desperateness that oozes into the field this late in the regular season.

Drivers are at a stage where they’re prepared to do just about anything to grab one of the final playoff spots before it’s too late. Now, Blaney is aware of what this means. He pointedly told the press before Sunday’s race that he knows desperation moves can be thrown around and that he understands why a driver might display such aggressiveness.

His words went, “You’re not gonna give up any positions for anybody. I try to understand in my shoes if that does happen, I get it. I’d do the same thing if I was in that person’s position for the win and they need to win and I get roughed up, that’s just part of it. I get it but it is nice to have that reminder.” Despite the gentlemanliness of his words, little did he like it when he was actually on the receiving end.

Blaney and Michael McDowell were racing for second place after a late restart on the Magic Mile when the latter drove too deep into the corner hoping to make a pass. He ended up spinning both their cars as a result. Talking to Blaney later he apologized for the move and told him that he was in a do-or-die situation. However, the champion wasn’t very pleased.

What did Blaney and McDowell say about the crash after the race ended?

Blaney said on the USA Network, I know he’s got to win and all that and that’s his excuse but you have to like calculate, be a little more calculated than that and it just stinks that we’re at the expense of it.” He ended up in 25th place. A good result would’ve gone a long way for him when the playoffs began but unfortunately, it just wasn’t to be.

McDowell said after apologizing, “I hate it for Blaney. I know it ruined his day, it ruined my day too and I apologized to those guys for that. But I’m at a point in the season where I have to go for it too. You don’t know until you get there, and I was just in there a little too deep.” The only way he is now going to get a spot in the playoffs is through a win. And the chances are running out.

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