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When Dale Earnhardt Sr’s Widow Teresa Deemed the Intimidator “Man Who Personified the American Dream”

Soumyadeep Saha

Why Dale Earnhardt Is Regarded as the Best Daytona 500 Driver Despite Only One Win

Some are born great, while some achieve greatness. Any NASCAR fan out there would agree that Dale Earnhardt was the second one. This man dropped out of school to pursue his love for racing and through years of hard work, he made it to the top ranks. Earnhardt was even posthumously inducted into the prestigious NASCAR Hall of Fame. Alas, it was only after he lost his life in a tragic crash in 2001.

During the Hall of Fame induction ceremony back in 2010, his widow, Teresa Earnhardt, dedicated her speech to the late intimidator as she explained how the veteran racer was different from everyone else. “When Dale Earnhardt had his hands on the steering wheel, he felt and saw things that you and I will never see,” she exclaimed.

“He could see the wind. Even moving at 200 miles an hour, he could see things more clearly than most of us could ever fathom and thrill us all while he was doing it.”

As Teresa spoke, her daughter Kelley Earnhardt, and son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. looked on with suppressed tears. She continued, “Some call him legend, some call him hero, some simply call him dad, or son, or to me he was love… Dale Earnhardt was a man who personified the American Dream.” Needless to say, being able to celebrate the coveted achievement, even though posthumously, was a moment of pride for Lady Earnhardt.

While others have always bestowed countless adjectives on his attributes such as the bravest, the toughest, the greatest, or the most unselfish, Teresa remembered a few of the ones that dignitaries like George Bush and Senator Jesse Helms said.

“Former president George Bush quoted Dale, ‘An American legend.’ Senator Jesse Helms said, ‘Dale was an authentic American; he was a hero to millions.’ Secretary of State Colin Powell called him, ‘an American Icon.’

Another quote, ‘He was the greatest race car driver that ever lived.’ Bud Moore got straight to the point when he said ‘There’s Earnhardt and then there’s everybody else,” she added.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined his father in the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Just the next year, Junior was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. Although he had never won a Cup Series championship during his days as a NASCAR driver, the reach that he made for the sport in America, overseas, and in the arena of other competitive sports, perhaps surpassed the reach of his legendary father, too.

Elated as ever, Dale Junior said, “To join Dad in the Hall of Fame is probably as good as it is ever going to get.” Meanwhile, for 4 time Cup Series champion and Earnhardt’s infamous rival Jeff Gordon, “nobody has impacted the sport more than Dale Earnhardt Jr. “When he won, three-quarters of the grandstand stood up and cheered,” he added.

Like his dad, Junior too, was inducted by his wife Amy Earnhardt. He smiled and his eyes sparkled in joy as his wife mouthed the words, “He gives off himself daily and loves his family dearly.” It could not be a better time to say it was a ‘like-father-like-son’ moment for the Earnhardts.

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