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17 Years After Losing To LeBron James In Historic Fashion, Chauncey Billups Still Has Michael Jordan Over LBJ As The GOAT

Shubham Singh

17 Years After Losing To LeBron James In Historic Fashion, Chauncey Billups Still Has Michael Jordan Over LBJ As The GOAT

Chauncey Billups appeared on a podcast with Mark Jackson and his son Bluu Jackson, where he dived into the “GOAT debate”. Of course, the major options were Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Despite playing 16 more games against James, Billups sided with MJ. While dishing out his opinion, Billups prefaced his stance as someone who doesn’t “like LeBron” just because he is not his GOAT choice. For the 2004 champion, the 4x Finals MVP still is right behind Michael Jordan. When asked directly “LeBron James or Michael Jordan”, he said 

I love LeBron. I’m not one of those people that is like, ‘I’m picking Michael but I don’t like LeBron. There’s a lot of people here who don’t like LeBron because they love Kobe. I’m not one of those people. Michael Jordan I think is the greatest to ever do it that I’ve seen,” Billups told Bluu and Mark Jackson

These comments are crucial because LeBron James had given Chauncey Billups perhaps his most astonishing playoff memory. In the 2007 Eastern Conference Final Game 5, LeBron James put a wrench in the Pistons’ dream of playing three finals in four years. The Cavs Forward had a historical 48 points night and captured 25 straight points which included the game-winning layup.

Thus, his Cavs defeated the Pistons 109-107 in Double OT to take a decisive 3-2 series lead. 17 years after witnessing this masterpiece, Billups wasn’t convinced about James being the GOAT and is still captivated by the aura of Air Jordan.

Chauncey Billups vs LeBron James and Michael Jordan

In his career, the lockdown defender went up against LeBron James 26 times while facing MJ 10 times. In just those 10 games, the former Celtics guard learned what it was like to go against the 6x Finals MVP as a young player. While he faced Jordan during his early years, the bulk of tussles against King James came when he was prime. In 26 games against LBJ, the former Pistons guard appeared on top during 16 matches, per Statmuse. Let us also keep in mind that many of these fixtures came during the early days of the former Cavs superstar. 

17 Years After Losing To LeBron James In Historic Fashion, Chauncey Billups Still Has Michael Jordan Over LBJ As The GOAT
Credits: USA Today Sports

Then in 2007, an unstoppable LeBron James downed a team full of established champions. He made an unprecedented run to the 2007 Finals where he lost in four games. However, despite witnessing the 4x Finals MVP’s ascension first-hand, Chauncey Billups is still riding the Jordan train.

As a 6x NBA All-Star and someone who competed against the two regularly, his opinions weigh heavy. While he does label MJ as GOAT, being second to the iconic NBA hooper is a badge of honor in itself. At the end of the day, Mr. Big Shot recognizes both of them as the best to do it.

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