$2 Billion Kanye West Hangs Out With Kyrie Irving and Jaylen Brown, the Newest Donda Sports Signing? 

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published 16/07/2022

Media news is swirling today and Jaylen Brown might have given us hints of who might be the next singing on Donda Sports. 

Kanye West is among tinsel town’s most popular faces. His appearances are somewhat followed around by his fans like the rise of Jesus himself, or in this case, Yeezus.

Naturally, when we see Kanye hang out with NBA players, rumor mills will swirl. Not because of the name association but because of the fact that West is now a sports agent.

Donda Sports, whose first athlete is none other than one of the smartest players in Basketball, Jaylen Brown. Kanye and Jaylen were seen hanging out on the streets of Los Angeles.

Who joined them in a friendly chat? Kyrie Irving, of course!

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Is Kyrie Irving the next signing for Donda sports? Jaylen Brown and Kanye West might be setting the traps!

Currently, Kyrie’s agent is his stepmom, Shetellia Riley Irving. Is trouble brewing in the air? Have Jaylen and Kanye already played their hand?

We don’t know for certain. What we do know, is that it could be a sign of things. Kyrie’s name has been a hot topic for the last few weeks.

It looks as though, he might just end up in Los Angeles by the looks of things. If he signs on to Donda Sports, Kanye would have pulled off a grand move.

Another interesting point of note is how similar the two are. Both are quite eclectic and have veered off the normal path in their fields. As a user pointed out, this was like seeing two doppelgangers.

Whatever the end result, it is certain the two had a cheerful conversation. Will they join forces? Who knows. Keep an eye out on this space to find out more.

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