324lbs Shaquille O’Neal Lost 5.6% Body Fat While Gaining 5.8lbs of Muscle as he Wants to be a Underwear Model

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Published 23/01/2023

Shaquille O’Neal is a Lakers legend, NBA Hall of Famer, broadcasting guru, and a freak of nature. Standing 7 ft tall, he is a giant of a man. And as a result, he also weighs a ton. Well, not literally.

Shaq’s weight has been a topic of hot discussion. Throughout his entire career, there were questions surrounding his ability to move and his fluctuating weight.

Kobe Bryant was notoriously furious with Shaq because he couldn’t maintain his weight, causing his game to diminish in quality. And while he was still putting up ridiculous numbers, it wasn’t quite enough to win more.

After retirement and especially during the pandemic, the Big Diesel claimed to have gained a ton of weight. The weight that has since been shed, was done with a lot of pomp and show. He documented his journey quite well. And now, the claims are that weight loss is suspicious.

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Shaquille O’Neal gained muscle while losing body fat

Biology cannot differ for humans, no matter how supernatural they are. So, when Shaq started promoting GF-9, a supplement that claims to increase human growth hormone production in your body, there would be raised eyebrows.

Not that O’Neal has never promoted a sketchy product before, but that this one is just plain weird. A supplement that says it will help cut down body fat while increasing muscle mass?  Have the laws of biological science been altered?

What’s worse is the result. Shaquille O’Neal is the archetype and he apparently lost 5.6% in body fat all the while gaining 5.8 lbs.

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GF-9: Hoax or the real deal?

That’s the question that is on our minds. Promotion aside, the company has sold over 7 million bottles. So how legitimate are they?

Just read through this thread on Twitter to find out.

Overall, we don’t vouch for the legitimacy of the product, and knowing Shaquille O’Neal, chances are he probably didn’t even use it. Given his wealth, he would have gone about the weight loss in a much more strategic manner, one that normal people simply cannot afford to do.

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