$400 million Shaquille O’Neal got his ‘homie’ Snoop Dogg a General commercial on FaceTime

Adit Pujari
|Published 16/09/2022

Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal FaceTimed Snoop Dogg while on set and got him a General commercial

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most iconic NBA stars that ever graced the planet. His entire vibe and persona ooze charm.

But charm is not the only thing O’Neal has got going for himself. It’s often difficult to categorize people, to define them. However, in O’Neal’s rare case, his obsession to be something more than he was today defines him as accurately as it gets.

The man whom even backboards feared is perhaps one of the greatest centers in league history but to limit him to that is akin to sacrilege.

He’s tried his hands at so many different things and also found success in most places. Afterall, how many athletes can boast of earning a doctorate post-retirement? Or claim to be famous DJs?

In Shaq’s case, that doesn’t even begin to describe all he’s achieved. Take for example how as an investor he’s amassed a $400 million fortune.

But the most iconic of his post-retirement personas is easily the Shaq who acts. We love him. We loved him in Grown Ups, we loved him in Uncle Drew, and we loved him in Kazaam. Yes, Kazaam!

For some reason, Snoop Dogg, although not as passionate about trying new jobs as Shaq, has a very similar vibe and persona as Shaq’s. The 6’4″ rapper has reached heights of global fame. He is funny, he is entertaining, and he is exceptionally talented.

And it’s fairly normal for two such iconic stars to befriend each other. In fact, Shaq and Snoop are so close that the Lakers legend got him a commercial on FaceTime.

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Shaquille O’Neal set up Snoop Dogg’s meeting with The General’s people

Shaq is what they call a man with all the right decisions. He knows exactly which brands to endorse and which stars to collaborate with. Perhaps the only wrong decision of his entire life was signing up with the Boston Celtics.

So, while the Celtics are old news, Shaq has tuned out his past shortcomings. He has since made all the right decisions.

So, when O’Neal, who is a brand ambassador for The General, FaceTimed Snoop Dogg for a collaboration, it was destined to be a success.

While on set for a commercial for the car insurance company, Diesel dialed up the creator of No Limit Top Dogg. Shaq urged the globally acclaimed rapper to work with The General on an advertisement.

Not only did Snoop star in a commerical for the insurance company, but he quite literally rocked it. He was a great fit for the brand and the advertisement. A great casting call by Shaq.

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