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$500,000 worth Dennis Rodman jumped out of a helicopter on his 40th birthday and got charged by police

Samir Mehdi
|Tue Aug 16 2022

The police had to put a stop to Dennis Rodman and his 40th birthday party after he caused a raucous with his helicopter entry. 

Dennis Rodman had a flair for the eccentric like no other. Once he realized that there was more to life than just earning enough to provide for himself, ‘The Worm’ went above and beyond to have himself more than just a great time night in and night out. 

Whether it was drunken escapades during Bulls season to Las Vegas or flying all over the country to meet women like Madonna and Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman knew exactly what he wanted when he wanted to have fun. Of course, his ‘shenanigans’ led him to have several encounters with the law with Rodman himself claiming he had been arrested over 100 times in his life. 

The 5x NBA champion may have been exaggerating but the point remains the same and that is Dennis did what he wanted to do, when and where he wanted to do it. His Newport beach house in California was subjected to a bevy of parties after he had bought it for $800,000. One such party at this house of his was halted due to an excessive amount of disturbance.

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Dennis Rodman was charged by the police. 

Many regret the entering a new decade of their lives as reaching an age with a ‘0’ at the end of it acts as a reminder that you’re getting older and there’s nothing you can do about it. Dennis Rodman however, seemed to embrace turning 40 as he threw an incredible 40th birthday party at his Newport beach house. 

While neighbors had become numb to Rodman’s incessant partying at that point, they couldn’t let one thing go about this party in particular: the helicopter. According to reports, Rodman arrived in a helicopter to his 40th b’day bash and a couple years ago on ‘The Breakfast Club’ actually claimed to have jumped out of this helicopter. 

Regardless of how he left the helicopter, a helicopter was present. This alarmed neighbors and eventually, the police were called. What felt like routine at this point, the Hall-of-Famer was charged for disturbing the peace along with not having the appropriate permits to have a helicopter or live bands on his premises.

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