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6’6 Michael Jordan trash talked local gym-goers for hours on end after his 1st retirement

Samir Mehdi
|Thu Aug 18 2022

Michael Jordan never lost his competitive drive after retiring from the Bulls as he would talk trash to random guys playing pick-up. 

Michael Jordan had quite the storybook journey from 1984 to 1993 with the Chicago Bulls. After getting eliminated by the likes of Sindey Moncrief and Larry Bird, MJ and his Bulls found their arch-nemesis in the form of the Detroit Pistons. After three straight Playoff losses to them, they would finally get over the hump in 1991 and go on to 3-peat. 

However, as the saying goes, ‘It gets lonely on the mountain top.’ Not only was Michael Jordan the undeniable best player in the NBA but he was also on the best team in the league. By the time the 1992 Summer Olympics had rolled around, MJ was confiding in Magic Johnson that his love for the game was wavering. 

A moment in Jordan’s life that cemented his first retirement was his father’s untimely passing. As the 1993-94 season came to a head, the UNC alum shocked the world and hang up his sneakers to go play baseball, a sport James Jordan always wanted his son to try out on a professional level. 

Despite wanting to forge a path with the Birmingham Barons, MJ couldn’t shake his desire to go shoot some hoops.

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Michael Jordan showed up at random Chicago gyms and talked trash. 

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as one of the best trash-talkers in NBA history alongside the likes of Gary Payton, Larry Bird, and Kevin Garnett. Regardless of who he was playing, it seemed as though he could not turn his motor off. 

During his first retirement from the Bulls, Mike was still very much in his prime. Sure, him and Tim Grover were training his body in ways that benefitted baseball but he after all those years of excellence, it’s difficult to shake it all off. 

According to reports, Jordan would show up to gyms in the Chi-Town area in 1994 and play pick-up basketball with ‘regular Joes’. What’s even more intriguing is that he would go on to talk up a storm to the locals at the gym, guys who probably were looking to ease some tension off from their 9-5s. 

In one particular instance, someone actually went at MJ and tried to instigate a battle of words saying, “You used to be the world’s best player, you ain’t nothing!” MJ didn’t let this slide and responded with, “What did you used to be, Dennis?”


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