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Billionaire Michael Jordan calls Isiah Thomas his friend in a rare clip  

Arjun Julka
|Thu Aug 18 2022

In an old clip, Bulls legend Michael Jordan talks about his close friends in the NBA.

Michael Jordan’s hunger to win on the hardwood can be matched by very few. The six-time champion’s competitive zeal to succeed is evident from his 6-0 record in the Finals. While he strictly meant business on the hardwood, His Airness was quite the friendly guy off the court.

During his tenure in the league, the six-time Finals MVP shared a very close relationship with Charles Barkley. The two former MVPs never shied away from publicly taking shots at each other, their iconic interview with Oprah Winfrey continuing to generate views even today.

Unfortunately, the two Hall of Famers are no longer on talking times today, with fans hoping they will reconcile someday.

Playing in the same conference, Jordan denied Patrick Ewing from having a championship ring on his resume, with a 19-8 record against Hoya Destroya in the playoffs. Nonetheless, MJ shared a great relationship with the Knicks legend off the court.

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In an old clip from 1998, MJ reveals some of his friends from the NBA, including Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and shockingly Isiah Thomas.

Michael Jordan talks about his close Friends in the NBA.

While some names on the list seemed the obvious choice, the mention of Isiah Thomas comes across as rather shocking. Unless one has been living under a rock, it’s no secret how much His Airness and Zeke despise each other, given the long-lasting Bulls-Pistons rivalry.

MJ’s award-winning docuseries titled The Last Dance gives an insight into his bitter rivalry with Zeke, providing an insight into the Bad Boys era and the term Jordan Rules.

In the clip below, MJ talks about his friends from the league.

“Charles is probably one of my best friends,” said the Bulls legend. “Patrick Ewing, we probably compete against each other all the time, and people may think we hate each other but we are real good friends.”

“Magic doesn’t play anymore but we’re still good friends, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, we competed against each other for a long period of time, but there’s a certain respect and friendship that we carried.”

In the clip above, it is evident that The Chuckster was one of MJ’s closest friends, given their hilarious camaraderie. Thus one hopes the two legends can resolve their differences and we can have them sit together for another interview.

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