6’7” Clyde Drexler would suffer as Magic Johnson would talk trash to a 29 y/o Michael Jordan at the 1992 Dream Team practices

Advait Jajodia
|Published August 02, 2022

Clyde Drexler narrates a story of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, that reveals the 1992 Dream Team’s competitiveness. 

The 1992 USA Basketball “Dream Team” is considered to be the greatest basketball team ever assembled. A team representing the United States of America featured 11 future Hall-Of-Famer, with the pack of superstars being led by legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird alongside Michael Jordan.

Coached by legend Chuck Daly, the team was projected to win the gold medal for the USA. As expected, Team USA managed to clinch the first position and did it in style. Managing to destroy all their opponents, they beat all their opponents by an average of 44 points.

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Now, we have heard several players talk about their experience being on that talented squad. Years ago, Clyde Drexler also spoke about the same:

“That Dream Team was phenomenal. I mean, some of the best players to ever play. Guys got along so well. And just made it a great experience.”

“Clyde the Glide” also narrated a hilarious anecdote from the team’s (in)famous practices.

“Magic Johnson is getting Michael Jordan all hyped up, and guess who gotta guard MJ?!”: Clyde Drexler

In an interview with Chris Broussard, Drexler spoke about the team’s practices and how he would suffer because of Magic and Michael’s trash talking. The former Blazers legend hilariously disclosed:

“Now you got Magic and Michael hyping, going at each other. They’re chirping. Magic is getting Michael all hyped up and guess who gotta guard Michael (laughs).”

The 10-time All-Star also spoke about the practices being extremely competitive. Surprisingly, the former guard didn’t agree with other basketball enthusiasts when they called those practices difficult. Drexler said:

“Some of the practices were very competitive and they should’ve been because you got all these great players. But a lot of time we have guys who were injured. I think Magic was injured, Bird was injured, Stockton was injured. So you didn’t have a full complement of players the whole time. I was injured. Knee needed surgery since March that I kept putting off until like September.

So during that time, I wasn’t looking to go hard in practice, I’m trying to survive the experience. So when I hear guys talking about how hard the practices were, I don’t think I thought that way. Well, you just compete always, no matter if it’s practice the games whenever you come to that floor, you play.”


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