Cover Image for A 37-year-old Steve Kerr, with 4 three-pointers, spearheaded a comeback by Tim Duncan and Co. against the Mavericks in a close-out 2003 WCF game

A 37-year-old Steve Kerr, with 4 three-pointers, spearheaded a comeback by Tim Duncan and Co. against the Mavericks in a close-out 2003 WCF game

Akash Murty
|Wed Jul 27 2022

Steve Kerr is arguably the greatest role player in NBA history who probably spent the least time on the court, but still has some of the craziest moments of all time.

The 6’3 point guard never averaged over 25-minutes or 10 points per game in his 15-year-long career. In fact, the 3-point specialist averaged just 6 points, 1.2 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game but attempted close to just two 3-pointers per game and converted almost half of them.

Ironically the GSW coach who has been a long-time coach of the two GOAT shooters – Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, himself has the highest career three-point field goal percentage (45.4%) in NBA history for any player with at least 250 three-pointers made.

The man also held the NBA record for the highest three-point percentage in a season at 52.4% until the record was broken by Kyle Korver in 2010. Kerr wasn’t just another sharpshooter, he was as good as “Big Shot Bob” or anyone you’re thinking of, only much more efficient.

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Steve Kerr might have been a role player but was a legend at that

Kerr won 5 NBA championships throughout his career but he wasn’t just a sniper who would fill in for the star guards of a team. He was the man that we know, Michael Jordan believed in, to score a championship-winning clutch 3-point shot.

After helping the Bulls in doing their second three-peat from 1996 to 98, Kerr found himself with the San Antonio Spurs who would be the next biggest dynasty in the league. He played 3 seasons with them from 1998 to 2001 where he won the championship as soon as he came in.

The Spurs wouldn’t reach the Finals the next two years as Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant-led Lakers were having themselves a 3-peat and Kerr would be traded to the Portland Trail Blazers in 2001 and spend a season there.

In his last year in the league, Kerr led a 4th quarter comeback in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals

In 2002-03 offseason, Gregg Popovich brought back Steve the next year which would be his last season in the league. He played 75 games in that season and had the game of his career in Game 6 of the 2003 WCF against the Dallas Mavericks.

He made 4 second-half three-pointers that helped eliminate Dallas through a 13-point deficit in the 4th quarter to win the game 90-78.

The Spurs eventually won the NBA championship by beating the New Jersey Nets in the Finals, 4–2.

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You’re thinking how can a man win championships as soon he as gets into a new franchise, not once, not twice but three times? That man also won a championship in his first coaching job in the NBA. Unbelievable.


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