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Andre Iguodala’s Son Snubs Stephen Curry, Recreates Max Kellerman’s Take From 2019: “I WANT IGUODALA!”

Sourav Bose

Andre Iguodala’s Son Snubs Stephen Curry, Recreates Max Kellerman’s Take From 2019: “I WANT IGUODALA!”

Andre Iguodala Jr., the son of the retired basketball icon Andre Iguodala, recently had to make a tough decision publicly. After a game, the teenager had to pick anyone between Stephen Curry and his father to take the last shot in a crucial match. While revealing his all-important answer, he hilariously recreated Max Kellerman’s memorable take from 2019, catching the eyes of the NBA community.

In a post-game interview with StrictlyBBall, the 16-year-old faced the question, “Open shot, fate of the universe on the line or the Martians have the death beam pointed at earth, you better hit it. Who do you want – your dad, Andre Iguodala or Steph Curry?”. “I want Iguodala,” he replied with a smile showcasing his faith in his father’s ability.


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This exchange captured the interest of the followers as they received the opportunity to revisit Kellerman’s unforgettable comments from 2019. He made a similar statement on First Take, displaying his backing for Iguodala to take the final shot over Curry. “Iguodala has got ice water in his veins,” the sports analyst declared on that occasion.

The immense belief in the 39-year-old from his son and Kellerman’s sides spurred from the iconic achievements throughout his 19-year-long career. Iggy had pulled off a total of five buzzer-beating shots in his career, alongside several assists, blocks, and steals in clutch moments. From the majestic fadeaway jumper against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2013 to a clutch three-pointer against the Toronto Raptors in the 2019 Finals – the Illinois-born has been through it all.

Thus, Kellerman and Igoudala Jr. had enough reasons to back the 6ft 6″ forward during these moments. With four championships by his name, it’s fair to say that his skills translated to success on the court. This further showcased the uniqueness he possessed as even his son vouched for it openly.

However, that said, if it weren’t for the iconic meme, Iggy Jr.’s pick would likely be Stephen Curry. After all, that man is the greatest shooter of all time.

A closer look into the journey of Andre Iguodala Jr.

Currently a high schooler at Link Academy, he shares multiple similarities with his father. Both of them seem to have embraced the position of small forward in their basketball journey. Alongside that, at this stage, both of them stand at the height of 6ft 6″, with the younger one being on his way to entering college in 2025.

Despite his basketball talents ascending now, Igoudala Jr. still hasn’t bested his father yet, as the former NBA player still beats him one-on-one. “He is beating me right now. He knows it. Give it probably like one more year,” the teenager recently revealed. “I can’t really guard him yet,” he mentioned, paying respect to his father during the interview.

The basketball legacy of Iggy looks set to continue through the journey of his son. With the 2015 Finals MVP reaching unthinkable heights throughout his player career, the NBA community would be looking forward to witnessing his flagbearer. These true signs signify the change of times.

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