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Angel Reese Reebok: What Are Her 2 Reasons For Choosing Them Over Nike And Others

Sourav Bose

Angel Reese Reebok: What Are Her 2 Reasons For Choosing Them Over Nike And Others

Choosing a footwear brand to represent remains one of the key decisions in a basketball player’s life. For Angel Reese though, the choice was pretty straightforward as she committed to Reebok without a shred of doubt in her mind. Later, the 22-year-old broke down the two biggest reasons behind her decision, justifying her stance on snubbing Nike and others.

During a recent Instagram live session, the Chicago Sky youngster mentioned, “So many different shoe companies wanted to work with me but I chose Reebok…What was it about Reebok? One they didn’t have a women’s basketball player as face. So, I wanted to be that. Two, Shaq. You know my relationship with Shaq”.

This captured her mindset toward creating a long-term legacy in the league. As the first-ever WNBA athlete to sign for Reebok, she possessed the authority to kickstart a new beginning for the organization. After all, despite being a rookie, this endorsement deal provided her an immense opportunity to disrupt the market.

Furthermore, it once again highlighted her connection with Shaquille O’Neal, the President of Reebok’s basketball operations. On numerous previous occasions, Shaq had showered high praise for Reese, boosting her status in the basketball circuit. So, the youngster’s decision was a way for her to carry forward this trust displayed in her abilities.

These two factors considered, it seemed like a no-brainer for her to side with Reebok. However, one more aspect influenced her decision-making heavily.

Angel Reese is out to make a name for herself

The Maryland-born signed with Reebok in October last year, nearly half a year before the 2024 WNBA draft took place. This showcased the brand’s faith in her capabilities, alongside their willingness to make her the face of their latest venture. Additionally, they also presented her with a once-in-lifetime opportunity to build her signature shoe line in the future.

Undoubtedly, the Sky star admired these aspects, agreeing to represent the organization on a multi-year deal. During the Instagram live session, Reese shed light on the impact of these features behind her commitment, stating,

“I like how they were rebranding everything, and they’re like letting me be the creator behind like everything I want to do. So like I’m having my own shoe line coming out, merch, my name on it that y’all can be able to shop…I want people wearing my shoes. I’m gonna have shoes probably in a couple years, my own shoe, maybe in like two years once I’m in the league”.

So, her followers may not need to wait long to get their hands on the footwear and merch. At the same time, this significantly uplifted her influence in the WNBA, paving the way for a headline-worthy beginning. Thus, the ball now shifts to her court to sustain herself through this pressure and expectations and eventually pay Reebok back for the trust shown in her.

Post Edited By:Sameen Nawathe

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