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Anthony Edwards Leaves Lil Wayne Impressed, Timberwolves Earn Lakers Superfan’s Backing for Game 7

Prateek Singh

Anthony Edwards Leaves Lil Wayne Impressed, Timberwolves Earn Lakers Superfan's Backing for Game 7

Game 6 between the Denver Nuggets and the Minnesota Timberwolves has done serious damage to the defending champ’s reputation. The 115-70 result in favor of Anthony Edwards and Co. made people reconsider their pick for the upcoming Game 7 in Denver. On the latest episode of ‘UNDISPUTED’, the panelists, including guest Lil Wayne, discussed the chances of the Wolves causing a major upset in the series.

While Skip Bayless and Paul Pierce believe that the Nuggets will win Game 7, the ‘Best Rapper Alive’ is looking at it from a different POV. Weezy said that based on what he has seen so far in the series, everything has unfolded as he expected,

“That’s how I looked at it…They got their two blows off in Denver, then Denver came back got them two blows back.”

Wayne said that it doesn’t make a difference to him that they lost by 45 points because the Nuggets can turn things around whenever they want. However, all the fun and games are over because both the teams have their last shot at the glory.

This will be the make-or-break factor for the franchises. Even though the final one will be an away game for the Wolves, Tunechi is confident that Ant-Man and Co. have what it takes to win important games.

He said, “I saw a T-Wolves team that can win a championship.” Even though he received some pushback from Pierce on his take because Game 7 will be in Denver, Wayne stood his ground while rooting for the Wolves. Interestingly, the rapper is not the only one with their expectations set on the Wolves. Media veteran Stephen A. Smith is right by his side because he sees something special in Ant-Man.

Stephen A. Smith compares Anthony Edwards to MJ and Kobe Bryant

Known as two of the most driven individuals, and fierce competitors, Michael Jordan and Kobe were at their best when they were expected to rise to an occasion. Stephen A. Smith sees hints of the greats in Ant-Man.

Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

On the recent episode of ‘First Take’, he said, “He is the Michael Jordan of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He’s the Kobe of the Minnesota Timberwolves.” Since that is an established fact for the media veteran, he said, “You gotta be the dude that we saw in Game 7.”

This might bring immense pressure on the young hooper, but the whole point of being similar to Kobe and Jordan means that Edwards has to soak in the pressure and do better than expected. Edwards has been in explosive form in the post-season averaging 30.2 points on an efficient 53.5% FG and 42.5% from the 3-point line.

The stage is set for the youngster to take over this playoff and till now, everything is going as he would have expected. Will he be able to cruise through the defending champs?

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