Billionaire LeBron James caught ‘snooping’ around IG model’s story, NBA Twitter reacts

Samir Mehdi
|Published July 25, 2022

LeBron James is seemingly ‘caught’ lurking around an Instagram model’s story on the app and NBA Twitter couldn’t get enough of it. 

Looking at what LeBron James has built up for himself, it’s impressive as to how the Lakers superstar has had more or less the perfect life for the past 20 years. He married his high school sweetheart, loved up to the hype and actually surpassed, has three beautiful children, two of which are following in his footsteps, and uses his wealth towards charitable purposes. 

With LeBron James being a role model for a millions around the world, it’s easy to paint him as a target for someone to tear everything he’s built up until now, down. James isn’t the perfect man by any means as many believe he showed cowardice when refusing to speak out against China but he’s done more in the political space than any other NBA athlete of the past 50 years. 

One aspect of his life that has remained pristine is his relationship and marriage with Savannah Brinson/ Savannah James. Unlike many athletes who see their names in the tabloids over cheating scandals, LeBron has not once had a substantial run-in with another woman.

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LeBron James views an IG model’s story. 

Instagram models and influencers have tried to ‘catch’ LeBron James lurking around in their DMs or profile many times over and it’s never led to anything substantial.  

The same thing has happened once again as a model named Ghazal took to her Instagram story to say, “Everday a new rapper/ athlete creepin’, GM to y’all, still a no from me.” She then included a screenshot of ‘kingjames’ having viewed one of her stories with that caption next to it. 

This means absolutely nothing and NBA Twitter recognized this, immediately taking LeBron’s side and rightfully so. Ghazal put up another story recently saying, “Y’all losing your minds over a story, imagine I hit you with the DMs; happily taken fyi.” 

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