Cover Image for Billionaire Michael Jordan’s gambling check to Donald Trump sells for nearly $20,000!

Billionaire Michael Jordan’s gambling check to Donald Trump sells for nearly $20,000!

Tonoy Sengupta
|Sun Aug 14 2022

A check made out by Michael Jordan to a certain infamous former US President was sold for quite the amount

Is Michael Jordan a gambling man? Indubitably.

This billionaire Bulls legend has become infamous for his gambling streak, something that has persisted since his early Bulls days.

If the people close to MJ are to be believed, there was never an addiction… despite the man traveling all the way to Atlantic City to gamble. That’s not too bad, right? Well, not until you consider the man did it in the middle of a playoff series.

But, it appears that the man’s gambling habits weren’t limited to the playoffs and postseason. No, no, no, of course, the man dabbled during the regular season as well. And it appears that those times have produced quite the piece of memorabilia, that recently sold for thousands of dollars.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

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Michael Jordan’s check made out to Donald Trump’s casino for $15,000 sells for a whopping $19,200

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Michael Jordan is in support of Trump in any way.

The story goes that in the 97’-98 season, the Bulls were slated to play against the Pacers the next day. So, Jordan just up and decided to go gambling at Donald Trump’s now-closed casino in Indiana. And to account for his… business there, he wrote this check out to the company.

This check was put on auction in 2020 and was then sold for an incredible $19,200 as per Bleacher Report.

The fact that Michael Jordan’s signature can make a useless check worth that much… That is insane.

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