Cover Image for Michael Jordan evicted $120 million Knicks coach out of his “presidential suite” while waving at him 

Michael Jordan evicted $120 million Knicks coach out of his “presidential suite” while waving at him 

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Sun Aug 14 2022

Michael Jordan was a savage, on and off the court. In a ruthless move, he kicked Pat Riley out of a presidential suite to take it for himself  

There is no denying MJ’s greatness, on or off the court. He was relentless when it comes to dominating in everything he pursued. This ardent desire to be at the top of the game, to be head and shoulders above everyone else is why he is heralded as the greatest.

So, let’s rewind our tapes back to 1992 or 1993. The Chicago Bulls have just won their second championship, it’s a back-to-back for Michael Jordan and co. They are at the top of the world.

Unlike him though, New York Knicks coach Pat Riley is at rock bottom. At least momentarily, he is in Hawaii to spend some much-needed time with his family.

In a beautiful sea-facing resort, Pat Riley and his family are living in the comfort of the presidential suite. All of a sudden, he is asked to move his belongings as a special guest is coming over unexpectedly.

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Pat Riley, the man with the $120 million fortune is kicked out of a presidential suite as Michael Jordan shows up!

As the story goes, Riley is baffled but the hotel manager offers him free rooms for the family, great views, and everything. So, he obliges.

Pat goes to the pool to relax and just out of curiosity, he takes a peek at the balcony, and who does he see standing on the ledge, waving to him? Michael Jordan of course.

The Knicks lost to the Bulls that year. To see MJ from the very suite he was in, that one must have hurt. To see the very player who dismantled your team and won a championship now waving at you.

This story was told to us by Jason Hehir, director of The Last Dance. Stay tuned to this space for more stories on Micheal Jordan straight from our vault.

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