“Bronny James got his bounce, 6’6 Bryce got his height”: LeBron James and sons’ resemblance lights up social media

Akash Murty
|Published 02/09/2022

It looks like those LeBron James genes are hitting right at the spot for both Bronny and Bryce James

LeBron James has more probability of being one of the rarest superstars on maybe the only one in all of the professional sports to have a successor having the potential to become an authentic star in the league.

With his two sons Bronny and Bryce becoming the country’s top-50 prospects of the next few years, he will join Dell Curry as one of the former players to have two kids in the grandest stage of basketball.

But we know Stephen Curry is an upgrade of Dell who was simply a role player in the league and was never a superstar much like Seth. So, neither of them had that heavy weight of expectations on their shoulders like the kids of stars like James, Michael Jordan, and Shaquille O’Neal have when they try to follow in the footsteps of their fathers.

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Still, the James brothers look like they have it them to become solid NBA players if they keep their work which is already reflecting their dad’s game in theirs.

Bronny at 17 and 6-feet-2 height is looking like he’ll become a guard, while Bryce has already grown 4 inches taller, two years earlier than his brother.


Bronny and Bryce James are catching up to their old man

Thanks to some terrific photography by a photographer who goes by the name of Cameron Look and his Instagram post that shows a lot of similarities in Bronny and Bryce’s poster dunks to their near 38-year-old father.

Maybe they did it on purpose while going against each other in training sessions, as we have seen the trio working out together in the past couple of months.

Any which way the fans are excited all across social media to see what James has in store for them for the next few years as The King shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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Recently the 18x All-Star announcing his wish to play with 15-year-old Bryce in the NBA also broke the internet because he wouldn’t be eligible to play at least until 2026.

That would practically be LeBron’s 25th year in the league and at 42 years of age. That man could do anything if he wishes to, don’t be surprised if you really see the three James’ playing for an NBA team.

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