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Bronny James isn’t going to Oregon University says his spokesperson, Billionaire LeBron James

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Wed Aug 17 2022

The chatter around Bronny James is at an all-time high and naturally many colleges are flocking to him, however, LeBron says there is time.

The ascension to the throne has already begun. The heir, Bronny James is already preparing for his arrival in the league. The 18-year-old has been scintillating form all summer.

With crafty passes, smooth pick and rolls, pull-up three-pointers, and high-flying dunks; young Bronny has outfitted his arsenal with the weapons he needs to thrive in the NBA.

As a result, he has attracted a lot of eyeballs. And to help his cause, the never-ending support from dad LeBron James has helped buoy him as a marquee athlete for colleges.

The buzz has been slowly getting louder and there were already talks of several colleges making their push for Bronny James. Earlier today a report came out stating that Oregon University is the front-runner for Bronny’s signature.

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LeBron James steps in as a spokesperson for Bronny and says he isn’t close to any commitments.

It must feel good to have someone like LeBron clarify everything about you on social media, especially the important pieces of news.

The King took to Twitter to make it clear that Bronny hasn’t decided on a college and the conversation is open. It looks as though daddy Bron might have something to say about his choice.

But he also said that when the news is there, Bronny will be the first to tell people about it. As of the last few weeks, young James has been on fire.

What does the future hold for LeBron James Jr.? Only time will tell. Although we would be amiss if we didn’t give a guess as to where he may end up and according to us, Bronny is destined for the big names.

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