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Bronny James, Son of High-School Dropout LeBron James, Has Shortlisted his “Top 3” Colleges

Jeet Pukhrambam

Bronny James, Son of High-School Dropout LeBron James, Has Shortlisted his "Top 3" Colleges

Bronny James, the last top-50 player left in his class, has now whittled his shortlist down to the 3 best colleges. An important thing of note is that his father LeBron James was a high-school dropout. And there is no doubt, LeBron will be proud of his son attending college.

Bronny, a name who has been flashing up across all media outlets, social and otherwise is now set to declare for college. There is an inevitable delay in the process.

And it might have to do with the fact that he is the last remaining prospect in the top 50 from his draft class who is yet to declare for college.

The options are plenty. As of just last week, there were about 9 colleges in contention, including the coveted Memphis basketball program where his compatriot Mikey Williams is set to play.

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Bronny James has cut his list down to 3 colleges!

Yes, the big news out of the James household is that Bronny has now shortlisted three colleges. And it does not include Memphis.

It’s a top 3 and not a final three so we don’t know if Bronny might change his mind. But the colleges are Ohio State, USC, and Oregon State.

This comes just a day after he put up a spectacular show.

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LeBron James continues to pedal his son’s resume

LeBron is a smart man. And he has one last wish left, to play with his son in the NBA. While Bronny might be great, there are chances he might not make it. So LeBron knows what he has to do. He has to build his stock.

He recently tweeted this out.

Each time LeBron talks about his son, the world takes notice. Young Bronny has been quite good of late. He is now all the way up to no. 34 in the rankings. Where do you think he will end up playing?

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