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“Call the motherf***ing foul!”: Draymond Green recalls an instance involving Carmelo Anthony and his legendary trash-talking

Raahib Singh

"Call the motherf***ing foul!": Draymond Green recalls an instance involving Carmelo Anthony and his legendary trash-talking

Warriors star Draymond Green spoke to Colin Cowherd about Carmelo Anthony, recalled an instance from an earlier matchup

In the NBA, there are many aspects to winning a game. There is a physical battle, a battle of the skills, and then comes the most important battle, the mental battle. Skills and physical attributes matter to win a game, but the mindset and psyche matter the most.

Over the course of the years, we’ve seen some basketball players with extraordinary basketball IQ who see the game better than any of us ever can. They’re one step ahead on the battle already. While that is one way of winning the same, there sure are other ways. The most common method we see that is employed in almost every sport is trash-talking.

We’ve seen some great trash talkers in the NBA. Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Draymond Green, and well, even Tim Duncan. In a podcast episode with Colin Cowherd, Draymond shared an instance of Carmelo Anthony’s trash talk.

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Carmelo Anthony didn’t get a foul against Draymond Green and yelled obscenities at the referee

A few weeks ago, Draymond Green and Colin Cowherd sat down together for a combined episode of their podcasts. There, they discussed quite a few things. Draymond even claimed that Carmelo Anthony is a better scorer than Kevin Durant.

While talking about Melo, Draymond talked about how the 10x All-Stat is a huge trash-talker. To elaborate on the same, Draymond described an incident where he was on the receiving end.

Melo caught the ball mid-post, head down, and drove to the basket. He bumped into Draymond, leading Green to fall, and the shot misses. Melo got so mad, he looked at the referee and yelled, “Call the motherf***ing foul!” The next possession, Melo drives again, same move, and gets the foul call. He looked over and yelled, “Yeah motherf***er!” before heading to the free-throw line.

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To yell shit at other players is common, but to say stuff like this to referees and get away with it? Well, that’s a certain bonus that only activates when you get to Melo’s level.

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