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Charles Barkley Admits to Almost Killing Shaquille O’Neal Because Of His Own Mother’s Spending Habits

Prateek Singh

Charles Barkley Admits To Almost Killing Shaquille O'Neal Because Of His Own Mother's Spending Habits

For over a decade now, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have been the best duo on television. Now that Chuck has another show on TV, his best friend had to make an appearance. On a recent episode of ‘King Charles’, Shaq joined Barkley and Gayle King as a guest and the duo shared several stories from their decades-long friendship. In one of those, Chuck recalled when he wanted to kill Shaq.

The story behind it included their mothers, who were also best friends, but the duo wasn’t aware, at that time. So, once, after they fought on the court, both the athletes were furious at one another. As soon as Shaq hit the locker room, his uncle handed him a phone to talk to his mother. Little did he know that Barkley’s mom was also on the call, as she wanted to scold him for punching her son.

Shaq said, “So I get on the phone, and Charles’ mom is on the phone, “He better not hit my baby,” and I was like who is this?” The big fella remembered that both the ladies were laughing and that is when he found out about their friendship.

As for the part where Chuck wanted to kill Superman, he said that since the two moms were best friends, they’d often go on vacations together. He said, “They went on like 12 vacations a year and my mom was trying to spend money like Shaq’s mama. I was like, mama, I didn’t make 1/3rd of the money Shaq made.” Chuck was frustrated with Shaq that he wasn’t trying to convince his mom to go easy on the expenses.

It’s all love between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley

Shaq and Chuck are known for their banter and constant back and forth. Over the years, they have given fans several memorable moments by going against each other. Even though it might seem like they’re always trying to humble one another, there is nothing but love and respect between them. Shaq said people often ask him if he hates Chuck, and the big fella took this opportunity to clear the air on that misconception.

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

He said that he doesn’t hate Barkley and he never will. He also unveiled that when his father used to train him, he wanted Shaq to play his game like Barkley did. Shaq’s father understood that Barkley used his physique to his benefit on the court and wanted his son to develop his game the same way. In addition to that, they always give each other props when the conversation is serious, else, it’s all fun and games for the two legends of the game.

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