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Charles Barkley doesn’t understand NBA Virtual fans; Shaq appears on Virtual fans screen

Gautham Balaji
|Fri Aug 07 2020

Charles Barkley is having a tough time understanding the concept of NBA Virtual fans and it makes for hilarious viewing on a night that Shaq appeared on it too.

Superstar Charles Barkley might be quick on the ball, but off the court, he is still not up to speed on the new technology the NBA is using. The NBA is using Microsoft Teams to greatly enhance the NBA Virtual Fan experience. Chuck has a hard time understanding how the NBA Virtual Fans actually work.

The NBA analyst realised that his confusion about whether the players could see the Virtual Fans was a little foolish. Here is a video of the entire conversation that took place between Charles Barkley and other members of “Inside the NBA.”

NBA Virtual fans have been a revelation in the Bubble and it is hilarious to see that an NBA legend hasn’t really understood its concept.

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Fans have responded positively to the NBA Virtual Fan experience set up by NBA to give basketball lovers a treat during the NBA 2020 restart in the middle of Covid0-19 pandemic. Many famous names have turned up as virtual fans during the seeding games, which started from July 30th at Orlando.

The way to get on the virtual fans screen is simple and here we have a complete guide set up for you.

Shaq as NBA Virtual Fan

Shaq found himself on the NBA Virtual fan screen tonight in the Bucks vs Heat game and the NBA legend was seen enjoying himself.

It seems like Shaq has been able to embrace technology, but Charles Barkley will need a tutorial or so in order to get upto speed to the technology.

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