How to be a virtual fan NBA: Virtual fans sign up process explained

Tanishk Thilakan
|Published 31/07/2020

‘How to be a virtual fan NBA’, a question that all NBA fans have been asking. Here we explain the NBA Virtual fans sign up procedure.

The NBA has enabled plans to allow fans to virtually cheer their favorite teams during the games. The games without the fans would be a hollowing experience for the players. However, the best scenario is to give the fans a virtual experience. All the sporting league’s around the world have kicked on with the initiative. Now, the NBA has now gone ahead and ensured virtual experience for all the die-hard fans of the league.

These virtual fans will appear on a 17 foot LED screen, which has been placed court side. This has been enabled by a partnership with Microsoft teams and the experience seems to be lovely up, until now.

What Microsoft has also done is remove the backgrounds from the individual fan photos, so as to blend them into one single background, making the virtual fan wall seem more real.

Also, the NBA and Microsoft have taken steps to ensure that if any fan abuses or misbehave on the wall, he/she will be kicked out.

How to be a NBA Virtual fan? NBA Virtual Fans sign up steps

  • Download the Microsoft Teams app and go to the ‘Together Mode’
  • Login with the your username and password
  • Go to the  Calendar tab on the left side of your Teams window
  • Click “Join Now” on the Game meeting to get in the crowd. Wait for a moderator to let you in
  • Make sure you Camera and Audio are turned on and get in the action
  • On the right side panel, you’ll see  ‘Participant list’ icon, click on it and then click on the participant labelled, ‘Game Feed’.
  • This will help you watch the live game. Now, select ‘fit to frame’ by right clicking on the ‘game feed’
  • Look for the 3 dots button on the right top bar, the drop down list will have the ‘Together mode’, select that
  • Now, you’re live on the virtual fan screen on the court, you can also view yourself.

The NBA has now released a visual handout for fans in order for them to smoothly be able to access the ‘NBA Virtual Fans sign up process. Do check it out

NBA has also asked the users to use a good condition webcam and mic and make sure that they are seated in a way that is visible to the camera on their desktop.

Ultra Courtside NBA Tickets

Michaelob Ultra Courtside tickets can also help you get on the NBA Virtual Fan LED screen. The campaign is aimed at NBA fans, who are desperate to be in the NBA Bubble(even virtually so) to cheer their teams on.

The campaign is a way to register yourself to be in contention for a seat on the NBA Virtual fan wall. Apart from the registration process, the implementation to get on stays the same as described above.

Miami Heat star, Jimmy Butler is promoting the campaign and is encouraging fans to get the virtual fan wall.

You can  log onto to get a chance to be on the virtual fan screen. 

How to be a NBA Virtual Fan of your favourite team?

NBA has asked all teams to decide themselves who they would like to show on their NBA Virtual fan screen. Different teams have opted for different strategies in order to get people on the NBA Virtual fan screen.

For some, they have extended the opportunity to their season pass holders. Others like the Pelicans, Miami Heat and Pacers have a form on their website that fans to need to fill in order to be eligible for being a virtual fan.

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Fan FAQs regarding NBA Virtual fans system

1) When should fans log onto their Microsoft teams app?

The fans are expected to join in 30 minutes before the tip-off. This needs to be done to avoid any last minute hassles with respect to the technology

2) Can an entire family or multiple friends fit into one virtual fan screen?

NBA can only allow fans with signed waivers to be on the screen, hence one cannot actually fit their entire family into one broadcast sreen

3) Can fans display/wear player jerseys on the virtual fan LED Screen?

Teams and the NBA want fans to feel just like how they would in a normal NBA game and hence they will be allowed to wear their team/player jerseys

4) Can fans leave the screen while the match is going on to get a snack or use the restroom?

Fans can do as they please when they are on screen, provided they are not using any obscene gestures etc. NBA wants fans to behave as they would during the game and hence they can move away from the screen. But they should not leave the screen for more than 30 minutes.

NBA Virtual Fans- The future?

With the world looking at an unprecedented situation, this might be the way forward for the time being. Fans would love to cheer for their teams and this might be the best possible outcome.

The  league resumes in the Orlando bubble with the teams resuming their league phase. The NBA has been trying its level best to curb the influence of the virus inside the bubble and so far, they have had resounding success. With social issues prevalent in the country and the league embroiled in various controversies during the season, the NBA will hope that the action will now do all the talking.

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