Charles Barkley once hilariously challenged Michael Jordan and Larry Bird to a game of Horse during now-iconic McDonald’s commercial

Arun Sharma
|Published July 12, 2022

The 90s was a crazy time for commercials – getting 3 future Hall of Famers Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird in one shot was the craziest thing McDonald’s did.

What do you think about when you hear the word “McDonald’s”? A classic big mac, fries, and an ice cream machine that never works. If you are from the 90s, a better version of the Apple Pie, or a McJordan if you were from the Chicago area. The golden arches and Ronald McDonald surely knew how to draw a crowd, be it their whopper killer burgers, or collabs with Michael Jordan.

MJ has sold in every decade since the 80s, but the 90s saw his superstardom peak. Imagine a fast-food chain that needed no marketing whatsoever, and they were tying up with him to promote their food. And in what style too, because they had him make RIDICULOUS shots, while Charles Barkley wore equally RIDICULOUS outfits trying to get a shot in with Larry Bird and the GOAT.

Who else but the Eastern conference duo who were in a constant battle with each other, to eventually face Magic Johnson. They even wore the quintessential silver onesie space suit to make shots around Saturn! Poor Chuck, even a planet has more rings than him. It actually has the most rings out of anyone in that commercial, with 7.

The funniest part about this “cheesy” ad is that Charles Barkley was the only guy who was still playing in 94 when this aired! Talk about irony!

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Charles Barkley was a bigger man in front of his peers – he was acting goofy even when he was a killer on the court

Have you ever seen a guy who destroyed his opposition act like the class clown when it came to guys better than him? That is exactly what Charles Barkley did to be in one frame with the greats. Not many people, let alone players with a massive fan following would do such a thing. Their egos would never let them bow down to their peers.

Larry Legend could probably do the shots he describes to Jordan in real life: Such was his ability to shoot. The man who could not miss even on purpose, Bird was the best person to go against Jordan in this game of Space HORSE.

The 90s was a trip of its own, and this ad was a diamond in the rough. It was a precursor to the now cult classic “Space Jam” movie because that also had the trio. Who thought a goofy commercial that had nothing to do with the fast-food chain would land them a multi-million dollar iconic movie, that too with looney tunes.

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