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Charles Barkley’s ‘bar punch’ almost left a $50,0000 hole in his pocket

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Thu Jul 21 2022

Charles Barkley and the law have entangled various times in the past.

The Chuckster is all fun and games on Inside the NBA but comes with quite the reputation. Sir Charles has had quite the lineup of lawsuits against him. Assault, driving under influence, avoiding arrest; the list is quite long.

However, once, his status as a basketball icon saved him from a criminal suit. Charles Barkley was part of the legendary USA Dream Team for the Barcelona Olympic games. Around that time, he was allegedly involved in a bar fight where he caused “permanent injury” to a 23-year-old.

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Charles Barkley was a player with the Phoenix Suns at the time. After an 8 year stint with the Philadelphia 76ers, Barkley had joined the Suns. He was the NBA MVP in 1993 and guided the Suns to an NBA Finals appearance.

Barkley was at the peak of his powers. A successful criminal suit, however, could have derailed his career. However, he was only with multiple civil charges to the tune of $50,000.

Why was Charles Barkley being sued by a 23-year-old and was the suit successful?

Charles Barkley allegedly incited a brawl at a Cleveland pub while he was in town with the Dream Team. Sir Charles was at the pub with Reggie Miller and a woman when a group of young men dropped by.

One of them passed a comment at the lady with Barkley and Miller asking her who she was sleeping with. This led to Sir Charles swinging arms and allegedly getting Jeb Tyler, a business equipment seller, with a few blows.

Getting punched by Charles Barkley definitely can take a toll on an average-sized human being. Tyler sought damages worth $25,000 from the bar where the fight took place and another $25,000 plus whatever the court orders from Charles Barkley himself.

Tyler contended that he was inflicted with permanent injuries and that he was unable to perform the duties associated with his job as a result.

However, criminal charges were not pressed against Sir Charles. Tyler stated that Chuck missing the Olympics was huge and that he did not want the media spotlight from being the reason for the same.

The suit, however, was not successful. The Jury ruled in Charles Barkley’s favor and ordered that no compensation was required to be paid to Tyler. 

If Tyler really took some punches, this was a huge L for the young man. Sir Charles went on to be arguably USA Basketball’s best player during the Barcelona Olympics and got the gold medal back to the USA. A win-win definitely for the NBA superstar.

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