“Chris Bosh could have kept playing until he was 40”: Erik Spoelstra explains how the Heat legend would’ve still thrived in the league if not for his career-ending injury

Akash Murty
|Published 05/10/2021

Chris Bosh is the definition of the modern-day NBA big, his time with the Miami Heat and coach Spoelstra has reminisced in NBA history

Erik Spoelstra is one most accomplished coaches in NBA history. At just 50, he has led Miami Heat to 2 Championships and 5 NBA Finals in the 2010s.

Among those 5 Finals, Erik had the privilege to coach the team starring LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, aka “The Big Three”, in 4 straight Finals.

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Bosh’s tremendous Miami Heat career under coach Erik Spoelstra

Chris Bosh had an illustrious NBA career. Drafted 4th overall by Toronto Raptors, in arguably the strongest draft ever that had LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony.

Already a Toronto legend, a 5-time All-Star at the time Bosh, along with James and Wade decided to join forces in Miami forming the infamous Big Three.

Bosh took a significant cut in his role behind Dwayne Wade and LeBron James from the first season onwards. Being so famously, unselfish and positive, Bosh helped Heat reach 4 straight NBA finals, winning two of them. He made 11 All-Star appearances in his 13 career.

His career was cut short by a blood clotting condition in 2016. Although he thought of fighting through the condition and making a comeback, he finally retired 3 years later.

Coach Spoelstra talked about how long could Chris Bosh have played if not for his injury

On a podcast with Tobin and Leroy, Spoelstra talked about Chris Bosh. The Heat and Raptors legend was recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Erik talked about the work ethic and sacrifice the Big Three had to make and about how Bosh could still be playing in the league if not for his condition and how suitable was he for this era of basketball,

“Chris intellectually understood it (the sacrifice needed to play in a Big Three) as quickly as anybody, he was able to change his role probably more than anybody and that kinda set the stage and example for everybody else”

“So you’re happy to see he’s not only rewarded at the highest level for Hall of fame but also that he had to overcome everything, his career was shortened, the guy would still be playing,”

“He’d be playing in this (Heat) team and be perfect fit next to Bam (Adebayo) and because of his body type, length, intelligence for the game,”

“he could have kept on playing until he was 40, particularly as his skill set grew and the league has changed from when he first came in.”

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Surely, Miami Heat would have had a different amount of success if it still had Bosh, and Bosh would have thrived in the league for how basketball has changed just after his retirement.

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