“Chris Paul was supposed to help Deandre Ayton secure his bag, but instead he just filled his own?!”: Kendrick Perkins accuses the Point God for not helping the 2018 #1 Pick secure a contract extension

Raahib Singh
|Published October 19, 2021

ESPN Analyst Kendrick Perkins accuses Chris Paul of not stepping up and helping Deandre Ayton secure an extension

The Phoenix Suns are coming off from a run of the ages. After being unable to make the playoffs in an entire decade, they managed to do so last year, and book a berth straight to the NBA Finals! There was one key contributor, in the form of Chris Paul, who provided his veteran leadership, and his clutch gene.

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However, it wasn’t Chris Paul alone running the show. Devin Booker led the scoring charge, and young players like Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Cameron Payne, and Cameron Johnson stepped up. The Phoenix Suns locked down Mikal Bridges and Landry Shamat, but failed to do so with Deandre Ayton. They missed the deadline to sign an extension with him and would have the last chance to keep him, using the RFA option.

Kendrick Perkins blames Chris Paul for not getting Deandre Ayton a deal

The Pheonix Suns and Deandre Ayton wanted different things all along. While Ayton wanted a max deal, for achieving all he did, the Suns did not feel the same way. It is said that the two parties stopped discussing an extension way before the deadline even approached.

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Kendrick Perkins questions the move by the Phoenix front office. The 2018 #1 Pick has achieved a lot more than almost everyone in his draft class, and yet hasn’t even been offered the money. Chris Paul, who mentioned ‘Pay Deandre Ayton’ in a post-game interview during the playoffs, didn’t follow up. Kendrick Perkins blames CP3 for not helping Ayton secure the bag.

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While Perk is right about Ayton deserving a contract, he isn’t right to blame CP3. At the end of the day, CP3 is a player on the Suns, and it was the owner and the front office’s decision to not offer Ayton the money.

It would be interesting to see how the season progresses, with Ayton reportedly upset with the Suns.

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