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Claiming LeBron James Lacks Interest in Championships, Jeff Teague Predicts Father Following Bronny to Any NBA Team

Sourav Bose

Claiming LeBron James Lacks Interest in Championships, Jeff Teague Predicts Father Following Bronny to Any NBA Team

The recent announcement of Bronny James to enter the draft has excited the NBA community. Amidst the anticipation, Jeff Teague made a bold prediction surrounding the future of the youngster and his father, LeBron James. Claiming that the latter lacked interest in winning championships, Teague explained the narrative around the father-son union.

In the latest episode of Club 520 Podcast, the former NBA star expressed his thoughts on the Bronny James’ future and the draft situation. The 35-year-old believed that James would follow his son to any NBA team, regardless of their title ambitions.

“I think Bron gonna go, man. He don’t really care about them championships no more, man”.

Following this, Teague outlined how this could benefit “a franchise that don’t get a lot of exposure”. This dynamic could prompt the likes of the Detroit Pistons, the Indiana Pacers, and the Charlotte Hornets to draft Bronny in 2024. Consequently, James might be willing to take a pay cut to feature for such rosters to fulfill his life-long dream.

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However, Teague eventually hinted at a seemingly more viable option for the father-son duo. He believed that the Los Angeles Lakers would anyhow bring Bronny to their franchise to retain James beyond this season, which would lead to a beneficial scenario for all parties involved.

Amidst the excitement, there remains question marks over whether Bronny eventually opts for the NBA. The 19-year-old has kept the option of moving back to college basketball open to work on his craft further. This could prolong James’ stay in the league as the 39-year-old refuses to give up on the dream of sharing an NBA court with his eldest son.

Is LeBron James hampering the development of Bronny?

Kwame Brown recently shared his two cents on the entire situation while calling out James in the process. The former Lakers star shed light on the detrimental effects of the pressure surrounding Bronny’s scenario by drawing parallels between the King and LaVar Ball.

Claiming LeBron James Lacks Interest in Championships, Jeff Teague Predicts Father Following Bronny to Any NBA Team
Credits: USA Today Sports

In an episode of ‘Kwame Brown Bust Life’, he mentioned, “If that was LaVar Ball, they would have said you’re delusional, you shouldn’t put that much pressure on your son but because it’s LeBron James, he can say something as asinine as Bronny James is better than some players on the Lakers and some players in the league”.

Byron Scott showcased similar concerns while shedding light on the pressure around Bronny. The Lakers legend believed that the teenager was entering the draft a bit prematurely, claiming, “I think he has some great skills, there’s no doubt about that…but p

laying one more year and being almost kind of featured, I think would really really solidify him in the next NBA draft”.

These statements have sparked several discussions among the fans. With a majority of the NBA community being skeptical of the move, the burden shifts on the shoulders of Bronny. Hence, the journey ahead remains an uphill one for the youngster as doubts continue to arise over his current ability.

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