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Damian Lillard Coyly Puts Forth A Confusing Opinion On The 4 Greatest Shooters Of All Time

Advait Jajodia

Damian Lillard Coyly Puts Forth A Confusing Opinion On The 4 Greatest Shooters Of All Time

Damian Lillard decided to chime in on the greatest shooter conversation. The Milwaukee Bucks star shared his opinions about the widely discussed topic by sharing an Instagram post on his Story. As seen by his social media activity, the list consists of some of the most obvious names alongside his own.

Damian Lillard took to his Instagram Stories and put up a post by @dunk. The post consisted of photos of the “4 greatest shooters in NBA history”. As expected, the list consisted of the likes of Stephen Curry and Ray Allen–the top two 3-point scoring leaders in NBA history. Further, Lillard and Reggie Miller were also featured on the prestigious list.


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The reigning three-point champ added a series of confusing emojis. By adding the shrug and laughing emojis, it seems as though he is nonchalantly agreeing with the take.

The mentioned players are four incredible sharpshooters. However, there have been a few notable snubs off the list. An argument for James Harden and Klay Thompson, both players who dominated the 2010s with their long-distance shooting, can be made. Additionally, the likes of Kyle Korver and JJ Redick–pure catch-and-shoot players–could also be considered due to their efficiency.

Despite an argument possibly being presented for each one of these players, it’s great to see Dame back himself. However, since entering the top 5 on the all-time 3-point scoring leaders list, Lillard has given himself a lot more credit.

Damian Lillard and his opinions on the three-point GOAT

While naming the top 4 greatest shooters of all time is slightly debatable, there is no denying that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter ever. The only player in NBA history to reach the 3000-three pointers made mark has numerous records to back his case.

Dame, like the entire basketball world, doesn’t argue with Curry not being the best shooter ever. But while he praises the Golden State Warriors guard, he also touts himself as the second greatest ever.

“Obviously I think Steph is the greatest ever, but I think after him, I don’t see why I’m not clear-cut in that discussion, not just by makes, but how I shoot it, how I make tough ones all the time, how easy I shoot the ball,” Dame told Casey Holdahl.

Lillard also named his dream three-point contest roster a few months ago. Yet again, Steph and the two other mentioned players in the graphic got their credit along with a few more big names.

“Steph, Klay, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, Peja Stojakovic, Imma go Larry Bird, Mark Price… The last one, Imma go myself,” Dame said.

While Damian Lillard backs himself, it is worth noting that he isn’t always given the respect he deserves by most analysts and enthusiasts. Steph, Klay, and Harden did revolutionize the usage of the three-point line during the mid-2010s. However, Lillard further pioneered the three-point shot by bringing in range, attempting from way beyond the arch.

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