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Damian Lillard is worth $100 million but has a deathly fear of Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King Jr!

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Fri Aug 19 2022

Damian Lillard is the poster boy of the Portland Trail Blazers. Who would have thought his fear would have something to do with historical figures?

The Blazers have been a consistent playoff team since they drafted Dame. The point guard with his literal deep bag has been one of the elite perimeter scorers of this generation.

An epitome of loyalty, Dame has stuck with the Blazers despite never even having an all-star teammate. Now past 30, Dame and the Blazers are on their last legs when it comes to chasing a championship with their core as currently constructed.

Lillard is known for being a stone-cold killer in the clutch. Dame has already immortalized himself in basketball lore with not one, but two series-clinching buzzer beaters. Houston and OKC have both fallen victim to Dame’s clutch genes.

However, it does seem like Dame Dolla also has some things that scare him. And funnily enough, they involve Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and the like.

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What exactly is Damian Lillard scared of?

According to Damian Lillard himself, historical figures scare him and give him a “funny feeling”. Statues of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr, and Abraham Lincoln give Dame the jeepers.


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We all now know what Dame doesn’t do on a road trip. Museums and historical locations clearly do not fall in Lillard’s bucket list.

Soon, Lillard might just become a historical figure. Maybe Lillard won’t approve of statues of himself in and around Oregon. Or maybe he just saw Lincoln as a vampire hunter and reached the wrong conclusion.

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