“Dennis Rodman, you’re a sick mother f**ker!”: Alonzo Mourning didn’t hold back against the Bulls star after he ‘praised’ his butt

Samir Mehdi
|Published January 18, 2022

Alonzo Mourning called Dennis Rodman a ‘sick motherf**ker’ after Rodman complimented the Heat star’s rear end. 

Dennis Rodman was a master at playing mind games with his opponents, with him tapping their butts after a play being his signature move. It was no surprise that this tactic by him riled up the opposition, with him getting into tiffs with guys like Karl Malone, Rock Smits, Charles Barkley, and of course, Alonzo Mourning. 

Alonzo Mourning wasn’t new to the ‘mind-games’ charade as he was much more of a vocal player than Rodman in terms of trash-talking. Rodman would talk trash as well but would do it with quite the sinister smile on his face.

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While Zo’s trash-talk was mor eon the traditional side of things, with Kevin Garnett being a fair comparison, Rodman was truly one of a kind in this department. The amount of times he allowed guys on the other end to get ejected off of pure rage isn’t a lot but is substantial given that this was never done before. 

Dennis Rodman and Alonzo Mourning get into it during Bulls-Heat. 

Dennis Rodman seemed to up his antics against certain players and Alonzo Mourning was most definitely one of them. He would play extra physical down-low on box-outs and in the low-post against Mourning and his trash-talk was always unique when up against the Heat. 

This moment here is no different as ‘Rodzilla’ turns to Alonzo during a Michael Jordan free throw and starts to flirtatiously eye the Heat superstar’s rear end.

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After making it back to the bench, Mourning calls out to Dennis Rodman, exclaiming, “You’re sick man! You’re a sick motherf**ker!”  


The Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat would face against one another in two consecutive NBA Playoffs, with neither really being a sweat for the former. The Bulls swept the Heat in the first round in 1996 and took care of business in 5 games in the 1997 ECF, with Rodman helping Alonzo turn the ball over 27 times in merely 5 games 

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