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“Do Not Call Me Or Reference Me Using The N Word”: Isiah Thomas Gets Into Heated Debate Over Pistons’ Defense And Stephen Curry

Tonoy Sengupta

"Do Not Call Me Or Reference Me Using The N Word": Isiah Thomas Gets Into Heated Debate Over Pistons' Defense And Stephen Curry

Isiah Thomas is one of the many NBA legends that are very active on social media. However, while the Detroit icon is often only seen praising the current generation of players in the league, he recently decided to switch things up a bit. The former ‘Bad Boy Piston’ seemed to have found a fan’s comment that attacked his legacy vehemently. And in his responses to the matter, he couldn’t have been any sterner.

Thomas and the Detroit Pistons’ defense from back in the day was completely defaced when a fan said, “that wasn’t defense y’all were playing, y’all ni**as were beating the fuck out of players”. In response to this aggressive comment, Thomas tweeted:

“I do not consent all rights reserved do not call me or reference me using the N word


Let it be known love, truth, peace, freedom and Justice”

This whole interaction stemmed from a rather unsuspecting place. Isiah Thomas had simply made a few posts on X, talking about how important defense is to winning NBA championships. Of course, this also led to how great the Detroit Pistons were in the art of defense,

It is unclear what prompted this activity from Isiah Thomas. However, it appears that his vehement posting may have gotten on the nerves of certain fans (especially those from the Michael Jordan camp). And given how far certain individuals tend to go with their arguments, at that point, a kerfuffle had become inevitable.

That said, Thomas handled it maturely, choosing not to further the back and forth between him and the fan. How did he know this was the right thing to do?

Well, it may be because he has been in this kind of position before.

Isiah Thomas was attacked by a fan on X with Stephen Curry involved

Not too long ago, a debate regarding who the best point guard of all time is, was in full force on social media. Amidst all the hubbub, Thomas apparently felt the need to remind everyone of his place in the rankings.

“Let it be known ONLY ONE led his team to back2back championships as the team leading scorer and the team leader in assist @NBAHistory”

Almost immediately, this spurred on a back-and-forth between the Pistons legend and the Golden State Warriors fan. However, this incident seems to have stemmed from nothing more than a misunderstanding.

The fan believed that Thomas was trying to put himself above Stephen Curry in the all-time rankings. But, upon clarification from the legend, the two people seemed to find common ground, which eventually brought a rather heartwarming end to the thread.

Whether it be his 63 years of age, or experience in these moments, the legend does seem to know how to diffuse situations well. Perhaps certain other former and current NBA men can learn to maintain their composure from him.

Who knows? It may just result in a chasmic drop in the number of altercations there are in the NBA community.

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