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‘Dwight Howard and Jimmy Butler seem to hate each other’: Lakers and Heat star get tangled up in Game 5 of NBA Finals

Raahib Singh
|Sat Oct 10 2020

Game 5 of the Finals wasn’t even past the 7 min mark, and Jimmy Butler and Dwight Howard picked up technical fouls.

Dwight Howard has been quite important for the Lakers and has done a lot of things. Perhaps the most important thing would be getting under the skin of his opponents. He did it so well in the Nuggets series against Nikola Jokic and now he’s trying to do the same for Jimmy Butler.

A possible title clincher for the Lakers and they put Dwight Howard on Butler. What does he do? Get Jimmy involved with him and agitates him.

With 7 minutes left on the game clock, in the 1st quarter, Dwight Howard locks up Jimmy Butler, which led to a heated exchange of words.

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Dwight Howard and Jimmy Butler pick up double technicals

Jimmy was trying to secure a defensive rebound, when Dwight Howard tries to box him out, which led to the two getting tangled up.

Both stars seemed to be pretty agitated during and post the tangle up and it more or less set the tone for rest of the Game

Double technicals were handed out and the situation was brought under control, but the animosity between Howard and Butler was there for everyone to see.

An agitated Butler out on the floor

Jimmy Butler was already in the mindset to win this game, but after those antics by Howard, he seems way more locked-in.

The Heat are up 60-56 at the half and Jimmy Butler has 22 points, 6 assists. Butler either scored or assisted on 38 out of 60 Heat points, going 7-10 from the field.

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Not only Jimmy Butler, but LeBron James also seems to be going full steam as well, trying to finish the season in the Mamba jersey.

Game 5 is surely one which is full of excitement and hope, the result would be as good too.

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