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Dwight Howard Declares Joel Embiid Overweight, Reveals Only Solution For Sixers Star to Stay Healthy

Trikansh Kher

Dwight Howard Declares Joel Embiid Overweight, Reveals Only Solution For Sixers Star to Stay Healthy

The Philadelphia 76ers have had an unfortunate streak of luck. The process has failed, as Sixers big man and former league MVP Joel Embiid struggled to lead his team past the first round yet again. Dwight Howard, a former champion himself, thinks that Joel Embiid’s early exit had a lot to do with his health, and if last year’s MVP wants to make a deep run in the playoffs, he will have to lose a few pounds. 

While appearing on the ‘OG’s podcast’, hosted by former NBA players Goran Dragic and Mike Miller, the former Defensive Player of the League was asked about Joel Embiid and his 76ers, enquiring from Howard what Embiid could do better to make a deep playoff run next time around. Knowing the Sixers’ seven-footer well, Howard began his comments by first acknowledging Embiid as the most skilled big man he’s played with or against.

“He’s 7’2” and 7’3”, and he got the handles; he can shoot threes. He’s 390 — like he is big,” said Howard.

However, Howard’s praise was preceded by some constructive criticism of Embiid. Talking about Joel Embiid’s weight, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year had the following to say:

“I think he’s too heavy for the wear and tear of the NBA season… I think if he loses about 20 pounds, it’ll be great for his knees. He’ll be able to play for a couple more years. He will be faster. He’ll probably be able to jump higher.”

Howard isn’t dishing out advice without having the experience to back it. During the interview, Howard revealed that he lost over 30 pounds before the 2020 season, and that the weight loss helped him greatly in his athletic output and contributed to the Lakers’ 2020 Bubble Championship.

DeMarcus Cousins thinks Embiid should shed some weight 

Joining Dwight Howard in his advice is former Kings legend DeMarcus Cousins. The retired big man took to his podcast, “Bully Ball,” where he talked about Embiid and his recent struggles with his co-host, Rachel Nichols. 

“We have seen this story happen over and over again, and for me, at what point do you take the pressure off those knees and those joints?…There has to be some kind of adjustment. At some point, the big Fella has to come down in weight,” Couins said while addressing Embiid and his injury struggles.

Embiid becomes the first MVP winner to never make a Conference final, and it’s sure to hurt Joel’s legacy down the line. If the Sixer’s big man hopes to make a deep playoff run anytime soon, he will have to shed a significant amount of weight as the Cameronian national clocked in as the 6th heaviest player in the league.

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