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“Dwyane Wade was on my go-at list after Tokyo 2020”: Warriors’ Draymond Green talks about how he was mad at ‘The Flash’ for his tweets during the Olympics

Raahib Singh

"Dwyane Wade was on my go-at list after Tokyo 2020": Warriors' Draymond Green talks about how he was mad at 'The Flash' for his tweets during the Olympics

Warriors’ Draymond Green talks about how he wanted to go after Dwyane Wade after Tokyo 2020 Gold win, but the respect stopped him

It has been around a month since Team USA defied odds and retained their supremacy in World Basketball. After their warmup games in Las Vegas, and the opening night against France, there were a lot of naysayers who doubted the Americans. However, Team USA never lost faith in themselves and took the challenge head-on. After the initial loss, Team USA, led by Kevin Durant, went unbeaten in the tournament. They got their revenge on France in the Gold Medal game, which they won comfortably to secure the Gold medal.

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Among the people who doubted Team USA were Kendrick Perkins and Dwyane Wade. After Team USA won, Draymond Green called out Perkins on Durant’s Instagram live. However, Green never said anything about D. Wade, till recently. Draymond was on Carmelo Anthony‘s What’s in Your Glass podcast, where he talked about the same.

Draymond Green didn’t ‘go at’ Dwyane Wade because of his respect for the Flash

Tokyo 2020 was a very high-stress time for Team USA Basketball team. They had lost their opening game, breaking the USA’s 24-0 streak in the Olympics. This sparked a lot of people, including former Team USA players to start doubting the current Olympic team. This did not sit right with Draymond Green, who kept all the receipts. After the gold medal win, he did take on Kendrick Perkins head-on but never said anything to D. Wade.

However, on Carmelo Anthony’s podcast, Green opened up about his recent encounter with Dwyane Wade.

“I bumped into D-Wade a couple weeks ago, and so I’m sharing this with you. Obviously, I know that’s your brother, but also because me and him talked about it. I said, ‘Yo, I gotta tell you. You was one of the people on my go-at list after we won, and I’m gonna tell you why. When we was over there, it felt like us literally against the world, including America. To see your tweet after all the s— France was talking, and you say good luck to Rudy Gobert, I ain’t like that s—. Then I screenshotted it, and I was gonna go at you.”

“But out of my respect for you, I couldn’t go at you, but I said if I saw you, I was gonna tell you.’”

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For Green to not speak his mind is a new thing.

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